Analysis of the 15-dw0052nf – Intel Core i5-8265U from HP.

In a few words

Choosing a new laptop means that you will have to decide between several models.Our analysis was made according to 6 user typologies.So we ran tests on HP 15-dw0052nf to find out what it was worth.
The detail of our analysis in this article.

15-dw0052nf to surf the Internet?

This model is designed the old-fashioned way, without a touch screen. It’s a shame because, when you get this 15-dw0052nf on your lap, you’ll see that it’s not so easy to move the cursor with the touchpad.
The materials used for the screen, keyboard and touchpad still seem to be of good quality. An important parameter for those whose laptop is not a daily work tool but who wish to make it last for several years; HP thought it over carefully in this case.

15-dw0052nf the right choice for watching movies ?

Offered with a glossy slab finish, this 15-dw0052nf product is particularly suitable for multimedia-oriented use. HP is primarily intended for film lovers the 15-dw0052nf. Taking full advantage of the backlighting, this tile benefits from the glossy coating which offers more contrasts. On the other hand, because of this, the screen requires the viewer to take a break every 2 hours or so.
On the sound side, it 15-dw0052nf has good components: board and integrated speakers. To test the audio quality, we turned up the volume with a movie trailer and then with a few songs of different types. Even if the result is good, be aware that even the best laptops will never beat a hi-fi system on this point. If necessary, you can later supplement with external elements if you consider the results too insufficient.
On the application side, HP chose to let you do it. The operating system and that’s it. This is a Windows 10 on which you can install the software you need. For multimedia, you can possibly take VLC .
Equipped with the GeForce MX110 graphic card, and with 4 Gb of RAM, you will be able to see your movies and even do photo editing if needed. Not good enough for 3D imaging professionals, but good enough for most of us.

The 15-dw0052nf to use while travelling.

If you prefer the touch screen mode, you will be disappointed by this 15-dw0052nf. The constraint being then to always have the mouse in the computer bag. Another possibility is to use the trackpad on the keyboard.
This model is supplied with a shiny slab. The rendering on screen is good. On the other hand, this shiny slab can be a nuisance in brightly lit areas.
The manufacturer has surely decided on this model to limit the manufacturing costs, and thus removed the Bluetooth functionality; a pity when we know that sharing between devices (phones or speakers) is convenient with this technology.

The 15-dw0052nf for audio or video editing ?

Concerning the solutions of the usb ports, HP made the choice of economy by not installing a usb 3. Here file transfers are done at a slower speed between your laptop and external drives.

The 15-dw0052nf for office automation.

Here, this model runs under a standard OS. It’s Windows 10, last generation.
It’s not 15-dw0052nf equipped with all the applications you’ll need. It’s up to you to download and/or purchase the software suite that suits you. Due to the size of the keyboard, all the office oriented elements are present. If you work frequently on a spreadsheet, you will appreciate the presence of the numeric keypad.

In short, is the 15-dw0052nf, the right choice ?