Analysis of the 14-cm0998nf – AMD A4-9125 from HP.


Latest release in the range HP, we’ve been running tests on14-cm0998nf…Price and type of technology alone do not justify the choice of a model.We’ve put this 14-cm0998nf through some tests based on how you’re going to use it.
In short, depending on your needs you will see if this model suits you.

14-cm0998nf enough for internet use?

This laptop is equipped with a touch screen; always interesting for when you get tired of the slippery mouse pad or when no flat surface is available when you have this 14-cm0998nf on your lap. The materials appear to be designed to last several years. Solid visible parts (the hull, the keyboard,…) and almost last generation internal components have been chosen by HP with a lot of care.

Is 14-cm0998nf one for watching movies and listening to music ?

As far as sound is concerned, the card equipment and speakers have been integrated into this 14-cm0998nf. By pushing the volume with music, we tested the rendering. Even if it does well, this laptop will not be able to compete with a good hi-fi system. In short, it is relevant here to consider buying additional speakers if you are very sensitive to the quality of this function.
As far as applications are concerned, did HP not install any. The operating system and that’s it. This is a Windows 10 that allows you to add the free or paid software you want. Clearly, to watch movies, nothing more.
Equipped with the AMD Radeon R3 graphic card, and with 4 Gb of RAM, you will be able to see your movies and even do photo editing if needed. This will obviously be a bit light if you want to do 3D imaging, but will suit your needs.

The 14-cm0998nf to use while travelling.

This 14-cm0998nf is convenient with its touch screen that frees you from the mouse. Here you will be in a familiar environment; an ease of use that is identical to your smartphone. The selections are precise in the cursor movement, making navigation seamless.
The manufacturer has surely decided on this model to limit the manufacturing costs, and thus removed the Bluetooth functionality; a pity when we know that sharing between devices (phones or speakers) is convenient with this technology.

The 14-cm0998nf for audio or video editing ?

Unfortunately not equipped with a USB 3.0 port as standard. It implies more time when you decide to transfer your files to an external drive.

14-cm0998nf for office automation ?

HP has designed this new laptop for the majority of users. It’s the latest version of Windows 10 that’s running it.
Not all basic office applications may be available on this model. It’s up to you to download and/or purchase the software suite that suits you. The numeric keypad is not present on this model. Unless you only do word processing that does not require its use.

The 14-cm0998nf – in summary